What are your Early Voting Rights?


  • Early Voting DAYS

All NYS counties are now required to provide each registered voter with nine additional days to cast a ballot in person prior to Election Day. The Early Voting period begins on the second Saturday prior to Election Day and ends on the Sunday prior to Election Day Tuesday (inclusive). Find My Early Voting Options


The law requires counties to provide a minimum of eight operating hours per day on weekdays between the timeframe of 7:00 am and 8:00 pm, with at least one site for all voters remaining open until 8:00 pm on at least two weekdays, during each week of the early voting period.

The law requires counties to provide a minimum of five operating hours per day on all weekend days or holidays between the timeframe of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Counties may choose to provide additional early voting hours.

  • Early Voting LOCATIONS

Each NYS county must provide at least one early voting site for every full increment of 50,000 registered voters, with a maximum requirement of seven sites for more populous counties and a minimum requirement of one site for less populous counties. Counties may choose to provide additional sites. Click here for current NYS voter registration data by county.

Greater access permitted; lesser access prohibited: The early voting law permits localities to provide more Early Voting locations or operating hours than those required, but they may not provide less locations or hours. These are minimum safeguards designed to ensure a basic level of access to all eligible New Yorkers, while providing flexibility to local officials to tailor a program that best meets the needs of residents.

  • Key County DEADLINES
    • May 1st. For the general election, counties must designate early voting sites and hours by May 1st each year.
    • 45 days.Prior to a primary or special election, early voting sites and hours must be designated at least 45 days out.
    • Advocate's Toolkit. LetNYvote has prepared this NYS Early Voting implementation guide.

Due-Process Safeguards:

  • Eligible voters who are "on line or in the polling place" at the time an early voting site officially closes shall be permitted to vote. EL § 8-104(5).
  • Early Voting locations must ensure equitable access for county residents, given population density, travel time, local transportation patterns, and other relevant factors. Siting must also comply with the accessibility safeguards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Voting Rights Act (VRA).
  • Counties shall allocate staff/resources to ensure wait times do not exceed 30 min.
  • If an eligible voter turns out to vote and has not already voted during the early voting period, but Board of Elections records indicate otherwise, such voter has a right to cast an affidavit (provisional) ballot, or obtain a court order allowing such voter to cast a regular ballot through the ballot scanner.
  • The right to a secret ballot must be maintained, on par with Election Day procedures.

Entrance early vote center

E-Poll Books Approved in NYS. The New York State Board of Elections has initially approved three Electronic Poll Book System vendors for use in New York. Click on each name below to access the SBOE Vendor Assessment Report.