IF your reason for requesting an absentee ballot is listed below

  • Who Qualifies for Absentee Ballots? New Yorkers may vote by absentee ballot if the voter expects to be: (1) absent from their county or NYC; or (2) unable to appear at their poll site because of illness or physical disability, or duties related to the primary care of persons who are ill or physically disabled, or (3) because the voter is a patient of a hospital; or (4) because the voter is detained in jail but remains eligible to vote.
  • When applying due to any illness, select "Temporary illness or physical disability" as the reason.
  • Voters may also request a ballot in-person at their local Board of Elections (or give a person they trust written permission to do so on their behalf in Section 6 of the application form), through close of business on Monday, June 26th, 2023.
  • Voters with disabilities can click here to request an accessible electronic ballot (can be used with a screen reader). NYC voters can request one directly from the City Board here. Learn more Click Here.
  • Return Your Ballot prior to 9 PM on Election Day using ANY of these methods:
    • By Mail, postmarked by Election Day (FREE! no postage stamp needed).
    • Drop it off at your Local Board of Elections Office during operating hours.
    • Drop it off at ANY Early Voting Site in your county during operating hours
    • Drop it off at ANY Election Day Poll Site in your county on Election Day (6 AM - 9 PM).
  • ALERT! New Absentee Ballot Law Restricts Your Rights: New York voters who have been mailed or issued an absentee ballot and who then turn out to vote in person (Early Voting or on Election Day) may ONLY cast an affidavit ballot or vote absentee. Only one ballot per voter will be counted.