VoteEarlyNY is helping to build a culture of early voting among the public that empowers communities. In living memory, New York has never undergone the comprehensive overhaul to our voting process that is currently being implemented. Although these are overdue changes, they will take time to get right. Early voting must improve access and the civic engagement experience.

There are several ways to get involved:

Join our mailing list. Voters and advocates can stay in the loop about developments regarding early voting locations, siting and funding determinations, and other relevant early voting news.

Donate. VoteEarlyNY is a free resource that is helping to educate and inform ALL eligible New Yorkers about their voting rights. By reducing informational, educational, and language barriers to voter access, together we can usher in a fairer and more responsive democracy. Support this work today.

Join Advisory Board or Become an Organizational Partner. VoteEarlyNY is building a broad, cross-disciplinary advisory network of community leaders and social justice advocates to ensure pro-voter resources reach our communities, and meet the needs of New Yorkers. Email

Volunteer. There is no magic wand when it comes to improving our democracy. VoteEarlyNY is a people-powered effort. Can you dedicate your time? Email

Volunteer to flyer or speak about early voting at local events near you