WHO We Are

VoteEarlyNY is New York’s non-profit hub for Early Voting rights, info, education, and news.

VoteEarlyNY is proudly pro-voter. We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit (501(c)(3)) created by voting rights advocates to educate and inform the public about their rights under New York’s voting laws and ensure that much-needed election reforms are implemented responsibly, in the spirit with which they were enacted, and made accessible to all New York voters.  

Along with our coalition partners, VoteEarlyNY provides rights-based civic education and is working to build a culture of voting and engagement that empowers communities, reducing dependence on partisan campaigns and administrators for basic information about our civil rights.

VoteEarlyNY's mission is:

  • To provide all New Yorkers with accurate information about voting options, locations, and hours;
  • To educate New Yorkers about their rights under New York’s new Early Voting and Absentee Balloting programs wherever they may live and regardless of who is on the ballot;
  • To assist state and local elections officials in implementing modern voter-friendly policies;
  • To encourage implementation of voting reforms in a manner that reduces barriers and equitably expands access to the ballot, so all eligible New Yorkers may participate in elections;
  • To provide an independent feedback loop for policymakers by permitting voters the ability to report their voting experience, while a broad network of attorneys and advocates research issues that may jeopardize civil rights.
  • To work with genuine, pragmatic democracy-reform partners in the achievement of the above.

Join Advisory Board or Become an Organizational Partner. VoteEarlyNY helps foster, participates in, and relies on a diverse, cross-disciplinary advisory network of community partners, local leaders, and social justice advocates to ensure pro-voter resources reach our communities and meet the needs of New Yorkers. Email JoinTheTeam@VoteEarlyNY.org 

Volunteer or Make a Generous Tax-Deductible Contribution Here. There is no magic wand when it comes to improving our democracy. VoteEarlyNY is a people-powered effort.Are you able to assist with pro-voter data, social media engagement, educational, or legal and policy research priorities?
Email JoinTheTeam@VoteEarlyNY.org