WHO We Are

Mission: Is Your Community Ready to Vote Early?

  • Background: In 2019, lawmakers began modernizing New York elections, expanding voter access by providing a nine-day Early Voting period. Counties retain flexibility and discretion to design a convenient local program that meets the needs of residents by expanding voter access. However the new law lacks public education funding and specificity regarding civic engagement initiatives to help raise awareness and ensure voters have information about new procedures.

  • VoteEarlyNY is a non-partisan, non-profit, non-governmental website created by pro-voter advocates for the public that will help ensure all New Yorkers have access to clear information about their rights under New York’s new early voting program, wherever they may live and regardless of who is on the ballot. By providing clear early voting information and rights-based education, VoteEarlyNY is helping to build a culture of early voting among the public that empowers communities, reducing their dependence on partisan campaigns and administrators.

  • Part information clearinghouse, education, and issue-advocacy toolkit, VoteEarlyNY provides a bridge between antiquated single-day voting and the modern, pro-voter Election Period to come.