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ABOUT Voting By Mail

Due to illness vote by mail (and how) Evergreen

June Presidential, Congressional/State Primaries and NY-27 Special: Vote in person OR by mail!

  • To vote by mail, you must request an absentee ballot by the deadline from your Board of Elections (You have the right to do so online/by email, by phone, or by mail). June voters will also be mailed an application form. When applying due to COVID-19, all voters may select "Temporary illness or physical disability" on the form. This includes the potential for contraction/community spread of COVID-19 Pandemic *illness*. Ballots and forms must have FREE (postage-paid) return (EO 202.15; EO 202.23; EO 202.26).
  • To vote in person:
    • Early Voting will take place each day: Saturday, June 13 - Sunday, June 21 (hours vary).
    • Election Day is Tuesday, June 23 (6 AM - 9 PM).

We are fighting for additional safeguards to ensure Voter Access Resiliency during COVID-19 Emergency.

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