ABOUT New York Early Voting

  • CONVENIENT VOTING TIMES. With two weekends and a full week to vote early, casting a ballot in New York has never been more convenient. Find out when and where to vote early.

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    Whether you’re a parent balancing work and childcare or a busy student maintaining several extracurriculars between classes, New Yorkers no longer have to sacrifice the right to vote when life gets in the way. Primary, Special, and General Election voters will now have the opportunity to cast a ballot during the two weekends and full workweek before Election Day, including the evenings on certain weekdays.

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  • MORE TIME LESS STRESS. Avoid unpredictable crowds or inclement weather and last-minute scheduling issues that can hinder your ability to make it to the polls on a single Election Day.

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    Storms; Traffic; Illness; Construction. Unexpected delays, disruptions, and long lines. With a single election day, any of these common logistical hurdles can jeopardize your right to vote, but none of them should impact participation in our democracy. An election period of several days—that includes evenings and weekends—better distributes systemic pressure on administrators and alleviates the impact of unpredictable but foreseeable events that can suppress or manipulate turnout. Voters concerned about crowds or long lines are more likely to avoid them altogether.

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  • BETTER OPTIONS. Where you live doesn’t need to dictate where you cast your vote! Most counties now offer multiple Early Voting centers that any resident voter may use. Find out when and where to vote early.

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    Vote near work, near school, near child-care, or near home. Convenient access to voting makes it easier for busy New Yorkers to exercise their civil rights. In localities offering multiple countywide vote centers, instead of having to change your schedule to vote from a single assigned location, you can vote on your schedule!

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In January 2019, New York State began modernizing the election law, expanding voter access by enacting a flexible in-person “Early Voting” period, which takes effect statewide for the November 2019 general election and all primary, run-off primary, special, and general elections thereafter, so that all eligible New Yorkers have reasonable and convenient opportunities to participate in elections (Chapter 6 of the 2019 Laws of New York).

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Where Can I Vote Early?

Early Voting locations and hours must be designated by May 1st each year, or 45 days before a primary or special election.

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